Sanshukan Kendo Club Sanshukan Kendo Club Beginners course
Next Course startsEarly 2017
TimesThursdays 8:00pm to 9:00pm
Ages18 years and over - no juniors
Costs£90.00 (£60.00 for students/oap's) - all inclusive
StatusRegistration in process - cutoff for new applications 28 Jan 2017
Applyemail Club Secretary to apply for a place on the course (put "Sanshukan Course" in the subject please)

Sanshukan Kendo Club is running a NEW BEGINNERS COURSE at the CAMBERLEY dojo early in 2017. To apply just use the above email link to request a place on the course before 28th Jan. A start date for the course will be confirmed when we have sufficient interest (8 or more).
The course will be for 18s and overs only - Sorry but Sanshukan Kendo club does not currently have any capacity to teach under 18s.

All that is required for the beginners course is loose comfortable clothing such as track-suit trousers and t-shirt. If you have practised other martial arts and have your own gi then the trousers/hakama are ideal but we recommend wearing a t-shirt in place of the jacket/gi. Kendo is practised in bare feet so please ensure your nails are kept short to prevent injury to others.

You will receive a shinai (bamboo sword) inclusive of your course fee. Towards the end of the course you will borrow and practise in a set of club armour (bogou). This consists of tare (hip/groin protector), dou (breast-plate), kote (gloves) and men (helmet). This can be worn over usual clothing. The club armour will be available to you for a reasonable period after your course, we simply ask that you return the club armour in time for the following beginners class to use it. Should you decide to continue training after this point you will need to purchase your own armour, hakama (pleated trousers), kendo-gi (jacket), and a bokuto (wooden sword styled on the katana and used for kata). You may also wish to purchase a zekken (personalised name plate which fits over the tare). Club members are a friendly approachable lot and will gladly offer you advice on buying new or second-hand armour.